• Edmonton, AB
  • University of Alberta Students' Union
  • 7,618 sq m
  • 82,000 sq ft
  • Carlson Construction
  • Douglas Walters Landscape Architect Inc
  • Prism Engineering
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
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University of Alberta’s Students’ Union Building (SUB) gets a breath of fresh air with a new atrium, patio and expanded study and social spaces. Two floors of the building are now interconnected through the addition of a two-storey glazed atrium. Usable space is expanded, and the building better reflects the Students' Union's welcoming and inclusive values. Lounge, office, and retail spaces are sprinkled throughout, capturing the vibrant spirit of students enjoying their learning. The renovation allows SUB to evolve and better service the student population in the future.

ualberta SUB design dialog before after

Point of Interest 01

The before and after comparison is dramatic. The renovation opens up the building to engage with campus, revealing the activity within and welcoming students to their home base on campus.

ualberta SUB design dialog section v2

Point of Interest 02

The superstructure features steel columns spanning two storeys and supporting a low roof near the second floor. These columns extend an additional storey to support a signature roof.

ualberta SUB design dialog interior3

Point of Interest 03

Daylight is prioritized and LED lighting comes on only when needed. Occupancy controls turn lights off when the space is unoccupied. These subtle electrical design features contributed to the overall sustainability of the facility.