valley line west dialog WEM station Valley Line LRT

Moving people forward

By planes, trains, (autonomous) vehicles, bikes and paths, we get people where they want to go while treading lightly on our environment. 

the river exterior 01 The River

Transforming urban living

Population growth and the rising density of cities show no signs of stopping. We embrace today's challenge to imagine and create highly designed, vertical communities that are more welcoming, more sustainable and more comfortable for their occupants.  

Dialog MacKimmie Tower High Res 003 highresrgb University of Calgary – MacKimmie Complex

Reimagining how we learn

We plan and design education campuses and buildings that go beyond simply facilitating learning—they are active participants in the learning process. Student residences, labs, libraries and learning centres, administrative blocks — our spaces encourage collaborations and spontaneous interaction. They are welcoming, safe, flexible, durable and engages spaces for students of any age.  

royal alberta museum design dialog exterior1 Royal Alberta Museum

Raising culture to new heights

Soaring sight lines, fine-tuned indoor climates and accessibility. All must-have attributes that help the people engage with arts and culture. From highly designed civic spaces to museums and space for the arts, DIALOG creates inspiring spaces to connect, explore, and share. 

calgary cancer centre main image Calgary Cancer Centre

Taking care of each other

Now, more than ever, our front-line workers and first responders need facilities that allow them to work efficiently and effectively while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

crosstown concourse atrium memphis carousel 09 Crosstown Concourse

Building better communities

As our cities and towns grow, so too does our need to design sustainable communities that allow us to live, work, and play.

smithe richards smithe view Smithe and Richards Urban Park

Challenging the status quo

We're redefining parks, pushing sustainability targets, and creating a world that everyone can enjoy.

capcom office kitchen burnaby carousel 02 Capcom Corporate Workplace, Burnaby

Making work spaces work

With four generations in the workforce, one size doesn't fit all. We're designing flexible work spaces that cater to a variety of work styles and help get the task at hand done.