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The Town of Petrolia and the Bluewater Health Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (CEEH) collaborated on a unique planning project. Instead of working in isolation, the Town and the Hospital both understood the potential of creating a plan that considers community wellbeing first, and determined that by working together they would have a greater positive impact on Petrolia and the surrounding region. The Petrolia / CEEH Master Plan has two focus areas: first is the Town of Petrolia and its physical environment, which will lead to a Community Master Plan; and, the second focus area is the CEEH, which will lead to a Hospital Master Plan.

town of petrolia master plan antonio gomez palacio presentation

An integrated approach to design 01

Community and municipal engagement

Hospital engagement with stakeholders such as maintenance staff, clinical staff, patient representatives, and hospital leadership was augmented by a city-wide engagement strategy.

town of petrolia master plan community consultation

An integrated approach to design 02

Community and municipal engagement

The Town of Petrolia engagement process included a forum for local high school students, sessions with community members that utilized the Community Wellbeing Framework, and an open house where community members were invited to bring ideas and concerns to the design team, community leaders, and hospital leadership.

town of petrolia master plan community wellbeing factors

An integrated approach to design 03

A Community Wellbeing Master Plan

The Town was provided with a decision-making framework and initiatives to improve community wellbeing and help manage the demands placed on healthcare infrastructure. The planning team's scope of work included extensive engagement of stakeholders to craft a vision and design principles; determining objectives; developing policy frameworks to guide built form, open space, and movement; and make recommendations for the successful implementation of the Plan.

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An integrated approach to design 04

Holistic health

The approach adopts a holistic view of health (considering social, mental, and environmental factors for health / wellbeing), and has the potential to shift a reactive approach to healthcare delivery that focuses on treating illness, to a proactive approach that enables healthier lifestyles and improved conditions where people can flourish.

It takes a village

A bold project that brought together a community and their hospital for a common goal.