• Edmonton, AB
  • Wexford Developments LP
  • 2,824 sq m
  • 30,397 sq ft
  • LEED® Platinum certified
  • Al-Terra Engineering
  • Clark Builders
  • Ray Lawson LLC
  • Stantec
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
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Previously a vacant lot recovering from gas station-contaminated soil, the newest addition to Whyte Avenue is a mecca for design enthusiasts and urban aficionados alike. Second-floor office spaces add to the residential suites above and the retail below, making this mixed-use project the perfect trifecta of life on the Ave. The architecture has a special relationship with the neighbouring urban fabric, and revitalizes the lot after years of dormancy.

raymond block sketch design dialog

It started with a sketch

raymond block edmonton rendering design dialog

Point of Interest 01

Both Classic and Modern

Raymond Block, with its three separate uses on a busy street, came with lots of design challenges. After 20 years of being a void along Whyte Avenue, the site now enhances the architectural character of the neighborhood while providing a modern mixed-use building attentive to the fluidity of street activity.

raymond block edmonton design lobby1

Point of Interest 02

Keeping History Alive

Raymond Block is named for the Raymond Hotel that occupied the same site in the 1900s. The project values the connection with Edmonton's past. Inside, reclaimed bricks from downtown’s old Kelly Ramsey building greet residents and visitors on a stunning 2-storey feature wall. Raymond Block is inspired by the past and built for the future.