What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
The Hybrid Wood Tower. It sets a bold and innovative example of a sustainable future that challenges conventional norms.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
Riding a bicycle! It’s the best way to explore the neighbourhoods of Toronto.
Where's your happy place?
Anywhere surrounded by nature – always helps to refresh and energize my mind.

Joining DIALOG in 2020, Neel is passionate about applying the art and science of building performance simulation and data-driven design towards positive outcomes in the built environment. 

Neel is focused on holistic solutions that minimize the environmental impact of building assets, while providing enhanced value to building owners, developers, policymakers and designers through improved well-being and reduced total cost of ownership. He firmly believes that an integrated and collaborative approach that incorporates diverse perspectives is essential for the delivery of high-performance buildings.   

A mechanical engineer by training, Neel is well versed with whole-building energy modelling for both new and existing buildings, as well as lifecycle costing analysis, design optimization, and data visualization. His experience includes the development of energy models for green building certification programs, carbon-neutral retrofit studies and district energy strategies, as well as the development of net zero energy and emissions policies and standards for municipal, provincial and federal government bodies. His projects span a wide variety of asset classes which include recreational facilities, commercial high-rise towers, multi-unit residential buildings, hospitals, data centres, and transit facilities. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and is a Certified Energy Manager. 


  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering University of Toronto