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A catalyst for city-shaping and the development of transit oriented communities, the Valley Line LRT will eventually stretch from Edmonton's southeast all the way to the west end through Downtown. Twenty-seven extra kilometres of light rail transit means Edmontonians will be able to further connect to the places where they live, work, and play. DIALOG, as part of the ConnectEd Transit Partnership (CTP), is acting as the Owner’s Engineer for the Valley Line LRT to provide project/program management, consulting services (structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, urban design, architectural design) for preliminary design, engineering services for the procurement of two P3 consortia, and design reviews. The Southeast stage is set to open in 2022, and the West stage is set for 2027.

Each step in the phased process towards redevelopment will ultimately enhance the community and enhance the city.
Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton
edmonton LRT map dialog

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In Partnership

DIALOG is part of the ConnectEd Transit Partnership team as Owner’s Engineer on behalf of the City, along with acting as the lead consultant for the development and compliance monitoring of the SUI principles for Valley Line. DIALOG is also leading the design review management of all facilities, including the stops and operations facility, transportation structures, and geotechnical and environmental submissions from TransEd Partners. In Stage 1, this includes project agreement compliance reviews, design review coordination and construction compliance.

valley line lrt character zones

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Character Zones

The urban realm of the Valley Line LRT is structured around the "character zones" of several of Edmonton's neighbourhoods. Key elements are added to the design to showcase the local community and the unique needs of urban centres and industrial areas are supported.

valley line lrt dialog early design sketch

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The City's Vision

Preliminary engineering designs and public consultations were aligned with the City’s vision for a seamless transit experience. The urban realm is integrated with a world class LRT service, providing a compelling and attractive choice for Edmontonians.

valley line LRT Wagner Station2

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Davies Station

Transit stations will feature pedestrian-friendly zones, creating neighbourhoods that are safe and friendly. LRT corridors that are well-designed play a big part in minimizing dangers and become attractive places to commute and socialize. Creating vibrant spaces is a key goal for Sustainable Urban Integration.

PDM 20121206 SEtoW River Bridge Extradosed View 1 hiresjpg 1

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Tawatinâ Bridge

Plenty of green elements are incorporated into the design, with added bike lanes that connect to the city's existing network. Conserving and uniting the city's ample greenspaces while promoting enjoyment of these outdoor amenities along the length of the new LRT were a priority.

valley line west dialog 87 ave guideway

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87 Ave Guideway

Enhanced landscaping and streetscaping help create an enjoyable natural environment. Detailed design focuses on colour and texture rather than repetition, and is attractive and interesting for people walking by. Wherever possible, organic elements such as wood and stone are used.