• Squamish, BC
  • Quest University Canada
  • 1,714 sq m
  • 18,450 sq ft
  • AES Engineering
  • Bush, Bohlman & Partners
  • Scott Construction Group
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Planning & Urban Design
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Quest University, placed and operating on ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation, is in the heart of Sea to Sky country. The project began with a master plan, which led to new construction consisting of a recreation centre, a learning centre, a 350-seat dining hall, and an academic building. The juxtaposition of the campus and the mountainside created an opportunity for design focused on breathtaking views and inspired academia. Sustainable design lies at the core of the strategy, with, for example, geothermal energy distributed through a radiant slab system as the main energy source.

quest university squamish sketch 01

It All Started With A Sketch

Pedestrian circulation The interior and exterior spatial strategies are intended to combine a sense of the sublime with a sense of warmth. 
quest university squamish sketch 02

It All Started With A Sketch01

Unbeatable study breaks The Academic Building contrasts the landscape with a dramatic horizontal expression - a prow to view the sublime mountains, helping create that warmth and draw students in.
quest university squamish sketch 04

It All Started With A Sketch02

Interior and exterior circulation paths allow multiple ways of experiencing the campus, depending on weather and mood. Students can enjoy the contrast between panorama and intimate enclosure.
quest university squamish poi 01

Points of Interest 01

Bowing to nature

Geothermal energy is the main energy source and is distributed through a radiant slab system.

quest university squamish poi 02

Points of Interest 02

Siting was sensitive to the existing conditions of the landscape to minimize rock blasting while retaining the maximum number of trees.

quest university squamish poi 03

Points of Interest 03

Moreover, the design of interior and exterior spaces was governed by solar orientation.

quest university squamish special feature 01

Special Feature

A warm library Using wood was a specific and intentional design choice to bring the natural mountainside environment into the building. Wood acoustic panels are an integral and complementary part of the design.
quest university squamish special feature 02

Special Feature01

Glulam posts and beams Local Douglas fir used for the beams in the Dining Hall added beautiful colour, texture, and warmth to the space.
quest university squamish special feature 03

Special Feature02

Locally harvested, renewable and close to hand, the fir was a very sustainable choice in the context of the project.


2008 Silver Award of Excellence, Vancouver Regional Construction Association