• Vancouver, BC
  • Peoples Group
  • 3,110 sq m
  • 33,480 sq ft
  • AME Group
  • Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd
  • LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd
DIALOG Services
  • Interior Design
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As other financial companies make moves to go digital, Peoples Group engages clients face-to-face. The progressive planning on this four-floor tenant improvement project floods employees with daylight and warmth, and turns this Canadian financial institution’s ‘human first’ ethos inwards. This sensibility is summarized in a collaborative environment with break-out rooms, nooks, and phone booths that support focused work. The “strength of a tree” concept was inspired by corporate values: this deeply-rooted and locally-based Vancouver company becomes increasingly stable and beautiful as it grows.

peoples group office ceiling sketch 01

Branching out

The team was fascinated by the idea of tree branches sprawling across the ceiling. Wood and lights are used to evoke this idea.
peoples group office canopy corner carousel 06 v2

Canopy Corners

Carpets in the collaborative corners are a few shades darker, suggesting a shaded area beneath a canopy of branches.
peoples group office canopy corner carousel 07 v3

Canopy Corners01

These corners are comfortable, suggesting soft and park-like spaces.


2020 VODA (Value of Design Awards) Award of Merit for Innovation in Workplace Design, Interior Designers of Canada