• Calgary, AB
  • Mount Royal University
  • 22,320 sq m
  • 240,250 sq ft
  • LEED® Gold certified
  • Carson McCulloch Associates Ltd.
  • Mulvey & Banani International Inc.
  • RJC Engineers
  • Smith + Andersen
  • Stuart Olson Construction
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
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The Riddell Library and Learning Centre is central to the Mount Royal University campus, offering services and support to the entire community. It is an open and welcoming building providing ready access to the plaza. Glazed facades overlook the green space and allow for views into the Library and Learning Centre. Designed to meet LEED® Gold Certification, horizontal and vertical exterior elements enliven the facades and provide sun shading. The central concourse is located at the heart of the building with clerestory glazing above, allowing increased daylight into the building.

“It looks as though it is on the leading edge of what libraries are these days… it is about education and the future of our city and province.”
Clay Riddell, Donor
mru riddell library design process plain facade v3

Point of Interest 01

The challenge: to animate the building's facade with a meaningful narrative.

mru riddell library design digital quote

Point of Interest 02

The idea of using binary code was explored. Here, a quote from Steinbeck is rendered in binary.

mru riddell library design process binary code

Point of Interest 03

MRU's motto, 'Quam Bene Non Quantum,' was chosen and rendered into binary code.

mru riddell library design process west elevation render

Point of Interest 04

The resulting pattern was incorporated into this rendering of the building's west elevation.

mru riddell library design process finished facade

Point of Interest 05

'Mount Royal University' is displayed in binary on the top and bottom rows. MRU's motto is incorporated into the middle row.