• Calgary, AB
  • University of Calgary
  • 35,425 sq m
  • 381,311 sq ft
  • CaGBC Zero Carbon Design Certification
  • Targeting LEED® Platinum certification
  • Entuitive
  • SMP Engineering
  • Transsolar Energietechnik
  • Urban Systems
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Designed to be a high-performance net-zero carbon building, the MacKimmie Complex comprises a fully renovated tower and block and a brand-new link that connects the two buildings by an atrium, surrounded by a redesigned outdoor gathering space. Designed with high performance features, the project has achieved a CaGBC Zero Carbon Design Certification in 2020. The multi-year, multi-phase project will enhance pedagogical and administrative environments, accommodate growth, and strengthen the sense of place and community in the heart of the University of Calgary’s main campus. The building enhances modern-day learning in a way that goes beyond technology and programming. The building skin makes its energy-modelling systems tactile, or visible to the eye, as a way to make climate change conversations a permanent fixture in life on campus.

The new MacKimmie Complex will stand as a daily and practical inspiration for students to focus more on sustainability. It is already helping to diversify our building industry by bringing new technologies, materials, and techniques to Calgary.
Druh Farrell, City of Calgary Councillor
University of Calgary MacKimmie Sketch2

Simple Sketch

An early concept of MacKimmie Complex's facade.
University of Calgary MacKimmie Sketch

Design Process 01

An early concept of the MacKimmie Complex facade.

TCC7649 highresrgb

Design Process 02

Elements of the early model are placed upon a site plan of the MacKimmie Complex.

MacKimmie Tower structural render v3

Design Process 03

This computational design model shows a section of the building's underlying structural and glazing elements.

MacKimmie Tower model complete v2

Design Process 04

The complete tower model shows the main structural elements and the support system for the double-layered facade.

MacKimmie Tower Swann Mall render v2

Design Process 05

This rendering shows how the building interacts with the adjacent Swann Mall, a key pedestrian and gathering space at the university.

Time Lapse MacKimmie Tower June 2018 – August 2019

Retrofitting the tower began in the fall of 2017 and the removal of the original concrete panels began the following spring. All of the steel, concrete and glass removed from the old structure has been recycled. Two additional floors have been added to the tower, which now reached 15 storeys high. The skeleton of the building remained largely intact, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated during construction. 

University of Calgary MacKimmie Complex


2019 Green City - Mayor's Urban Design Awards , The City of Calgary