• Toronto, ON
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto
  • Alissa Coe Studio
  • Anony
  • Arnaud Brassard
  • Clare Scott-Taggart
DIALOG Services
  • Interior Design
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A renovation refreshes the flagship hotel’s spa common areas, including the elevator arrival moment, corridor, and reception area. Upon arrival, the guest begins a journey through a bespoke environment that has a unique, handmade quality, embodying the Four Seasons’ character, one that is lavish for each guest. A richness of materiality and form come together to create a customized experience as one meanders through the space, engaging with staff and product. Overall, flow is improved and the expanded reception area provides better sight lines into the pool area, offering a glimpse of the relaxing experience awaiting guests.

Bespoke is important because it harkens back to what is real and what comes from the soul. Most importantly, it creates something that is special and unique to that one place.
Alison McNiel
spa four seasons bee light toronto sketch 01

It All started With a Sketch

An early design rendering imagines a soothing, serene space to relax and enjoy.
spa four seasons light toronto special feature 01

Special Feature: One-of-a kind lighting

A playful new light fixture, designed by DIALOG in collaboration with Alissa Coe Studio, offers an elegant one-of-a-kind focal point.
spa four seasons light toronto special feature 02

Special Feature: One-of-a kind lighting01

The collaboration brought together a team of makers, and included DIALOG’s interior design team, artists, metal workers, and lighting designers.
spa four seasons bee light toronto special feature 03

Special Feature: One-of-a kind lighting02

The result is a sculptural chandelier conjuring a calm woodland scene. Forty translucent porcelain and oxidized brass bees buzz around 20 flower lights.