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Crossing one of the busiest intersections outside of the downtown core, the Chinook Pedestrian Bridge provides pedestrians with a much safer Macleod Trail crossing. The bridge was designed through a rigorous process using new and old technologies. Early hand sketches were used to decide the scope and direction the bridge would take. Later, 3D modelling, combined with the site plan, helped decide the final form. The Chinook Pedestrian Bridge is an important component of an attractive, walkable and complete urban corridor, providing an increased focus of travel by foot, bicycle and transit.

"You have now taken what is the busiest pedestrian intersection in the city and made it work much, much better for pedestrians."
Brian Pincott, Calgary City Councillor
chinook pedestrian bridge sketch 2

Sketches and models

An early sketch shows the bridge as a curved structure. The bridge's final form is straight.
chinook pedestrian bridge process sketch 1

Design Process 01

An earky sketch envisions the bridge as a curved structure spanning Macleod Trail.

chinook pedestrian bridge process sketch 2

Design Process 02

Another early sketch depicts a straighter bridge, but still displaying curved characteristics.

chinook pedestrian bridge process render east pavillion

Design Process 03

Once a final design was reached, a render was made of the East Pavilion.

chinook pedestrian bridge process render west pavillion

Design Process 04

A similar process depicts the West Pavilion.

Chinook Models v2

Design Process 05

A 3D printed model shows the bridge's final form.