• Vancouver, BC
  • BentallGreenOak
  • 15,561 sq m
  • 167,492 sq ft
  • Targeting LEED® Gold certification
  • AME Consulting Group
  • AES Engineering
  • Bentall Green Oak
  • EXP
  • Fast + Epp
  • GHL Consultants
  • Ventana Construction
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
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2150 Keith Drive is an innovative 10-storey mass timber building targeting high-performance environmental standards and will regenerate an emerging industrial neighbourhood. A cellular exoskeleton gives the building its striking appearance and provides a direct expression of its unique braced frame structural system. It will be the tallest braced frame mass timber project in North America. Nature’s Path, an industry leader in organic food development and sustainable food production, will be the lead tenant. The building will serve as an extension of the company’s values and practices. Features include office space, flexible meeting areas, wellness and social spaces, and a rooftop deck.

Mass timber is comparable to conventional steel and concrete construction in terms of function, layout and constructability, but is more sustainable and creates a beautiful workplace.
Martin Nielsen, DIALOG Principal-in-Charge
keith dwg5 2

It started with a sketch

Unique, visionary, different This space and this client called for a different type of building. Something that was unique, visionary. The ideas flowed and the honeycomb structure was born out of that process.
keith dwg1 revised

The design story 01

A simple structure

The very first concept for Keith Drive started with vertical columns and shaded glazing treatments.

keith dwg2 revised

The design story 02

Vertical bracing

Vertical structural bracing was added to the concept.

keith dwg3 revised

The design story 03

The honeycomb is born

The next step from vertical bracing was to connect the dots, and create the honeycomb shapes that characterize the building.

keith dwg4 revised

The design story 04

Four key areas

There were four key areas in the bracing system, which carry the building load and resist seismic forces.

keith drive sketch v2

The design story 05

Envisioning the project on the site

This early drawing of the building shows its relationship to the East Van Cross and SkyTrain line

keith drive setbacks

The design story 06

Constraints shape the building

Several constraints on site informed the shape of the building. These included a narrow site; major encumbrances: a statutory right of way (SRW) of +/- 4 metres to the north for the LRT station (yellow), a +/- 3 metre setback to the south for a greenway / bike route (green), and a 9.1 metre sewer SRW running diagonally through the site (red); 12 metres in elevation gain from west to east; proximity to significant public art (East Van Cross); and a single vehicle access point (Keith Drive - purple)

keith drive early model1

The design story 07

It all started with a basic form

The building’s shape was influenced by the setbacks and right-of-ways on all four sides.

keith drive early model2

The design story 08

The design evolved over time

Keith Drive was originally designed to be eight storeys, but grew to 10 at the City’s request.

keith drive early model3

The design story 09

Oasis of green in the city

The project boasts a green roof, balcony gardens, and landscaping tied into an ecological corridor.

keith drive rain diagram

The design story 10

Using natural resources

Rainwater will be collected from the roof and carried down to the ground through a system of pipes on the south facade of the building. It will be stored in an underground cistern and then used for landscape irrigation and building services.

keith drive sun diagram

The design story 11

Maximum daylight for occupants

Keith Drive’s form is relatively long and narrow. The long face is oriented to the south, allowing the daylighting strategy to take advantage of that exposure. The balconies will act as fixed shading devices that reduce the amount of heat gain.