If you could work a ‘day in the life’ of another discipline at DIALOG, whose would it be?
DIALOG's planning team. They have such passion for the urban scale and how architectural projects fit into sustainable city building and the human experience.
Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in Alberta's landscape. The prairies are often underappreciated, but I love our beautiful light and low-angle sun and the way it illuminates everything, the subtle colour differences and textures, and snow on the prairies.
What’s your favourite pastime?
I'm a serial skill developer. I love to learn to make things: silversmithing, pottery, knitting, printmaking, woodworking, sewing, mixed media, restoring furniture.

Tai joined us in 2017 when her predecessor firm, newstudio, merged with DIALOG. Tai lends her expertise to a wide range of residential, institutional, and commercial projects. Tai believes that we thrive best in collaborative networks and robust communities. Her definition of a successful project is when the ambitions of the design and the aspirations of the community are both realized. 

Tai is a strong advocate for the role of architecture and urban design in improving the livability of our cities. She consistently connects with stakeholder groups, clients, and members of the broader community in her role as project leader and facilitator. As a conscientious team player, Tai's cooperative approach to design has earned the respect of municipal authorities, client groups, and community advocates alike.    

Tai has contributed to her community by serving on numerous charitable and municipal boards. She's a founding member of the Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) and actively engages in industry committee work. Tai is frequently invited to consult on zoning regulation changes due to her in-depth knowledge of city-building regulatory framework. She has also been asked to participate in the City of Edmonton's Growth Market Intelligence Committee, the Energy Transition Leadership Network, and the Emissions Neutral Buildings Steering Committee.  

Tai is an enthusiast of architectural history and recently founded Sunday Modernism, a collaborative project studying Edmonton's mid-century modern churches and their relationship to modernist urban planning and community-building.  

I love empowering our clients to achieve their unique vision. Design has such potential to truly impact our community, in ways big and small.
Tai Ziola


  • Master of Architecture University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design University of Alberta


2008 Gold Medal, Architectural Institute of British Columbia

2002 Gold Medal, American Society on Aging International Design Competition