What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
The work we have done for the Stollery Children's Hospital which include the Pediatric Emergency Department, Pediatric Ambulatory Clinics, Pediatric Surgical Suite Expansion. These projects were ongoing at the same time as I started my own family, and I was excited to create spaces in the hospital that could provide specialized care with a kids-first approach.
What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?
I still love to build with Lego, and I have shelves full of models at home.
Where's your happy place?
My happy place is floating in a lake on a sunny summer day.

Phil joined our team in 2006. Since then, he's worked on the successful delivery of a variety of healthcare, mixed-use high-rise, educational, industrial, and retail developments. Phil's knowledge and experience in contract administration make him a leader on the construction site and in the office. No matter his work location, he is committed to providing professional, collaborative solutions to achieve our client's needs. Phil loves spending weekends exploring the city of Edmonton with his family or relaxing lakeside on a hot summer day. 

I spend my life building the world I want to live in. 
Phil Reynolds


  • Certified Construction Contract Administrator Construction Specifications Canada
  • Diploma in Architectural Technology Northern Alberta Institute of Technology