Whose work are you most impressed by?
I love to work alongside the new students that join us every summer; passion is ageless.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
Day Dreaming – I arrive at many new destinations.
What’s in your office snack drawer?
Hawkins Cheezies – a quintessential Canadian snack.

Matthew comes from a family of tradespeople, developers, and three generations of architects. His interests have always focused on design, natural systems, and technology. It was an easy decision for him to pursue architecture, and today his passion is advanced building envelopes. Matthew joined us in 2008 and has worked on several significant projects since becoming a DIALOGer. Some of his project highlights include the Calgary International Airport Terminal, the Calgary Cancer Centre, and the Kahanoff Centre, where he designed complex building envelopes and successfully led large teams.  

Matthew believes that buildings play an important role in restoring the environmental and community fabric that has been eroded in our modern world. Buildings are often a physical manifestation of our finest hopes and intentions, and he enjoys interpreting these goals through new technologies and materials to benefit future generations.  

Designing a beautiful future gets me up in the morning.
Matthew Horch


  • Master of Architecture University of Manitoba
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design University of Manitoba