What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
DIALOG's Nexen project was a multiyear extent spanning a gamut of experiences from office planning through fitness centres, emergency power generation to regenerative office design and remote office development locations. Over the course of ten years, Nexen and DIALOG's interior design group became a family.
What’s your favourite pastime?
I like to putter – whether it's in the garden, in the house, on a boat, or other venue, there is always something that needs fine-tuning or adjustments to make it better.

John has gained a wealth of experience since joining our team in 1980. His experience includes interior design, healthcare, high-security, special projects, and design requirements. For John, every project brings its unique client teams, project-specific needs. As a project manager, John's top priority is to collaborate with client representatives. His goals are to understand these needs and translate them into schedule and cost-effective solutions. John has also worked on special projects for the Government of Canada, National Defence, and Public Private Partnerships.  

John approaches each day with enthusiasm and ambition. To him, the best projects are those where the built solution is embraced by the design team and the client. He is devoted to building close client relationships to bring projects to a successful conclusion. The Nexen Fitness Centre in downtown Calgary is a prime example of John's dedication to client satisfaction. After working through a complex project with unique requirements, the Centre was embraced by Nexen as a "damn fine" solution.


  • Master of Architecture University of Detroit
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies University of Detroit