If you could work a ‘day in the life’ of another discipline at DIALOG, whose would it be?
Our IT department is out of this world: their workload is unrelenting, their patience unending and their commitment is second to none. I’m fascinated by what they are charged with in a given day – plus, think of the health benefits from all that running around.
What’s in your office snack drawer?
Dried mango and an empty cinnamon gum pack.
What's one quote you live by?
“I disguise myself as a service provider and then give [them] more than they bargained for.” - Florian Idenburg

Jodi is experienced with public realm and cultural projects that bridge art, urban design, graphic design, and architecture. Her diverse portfolio of work with major municipalities and community groups reveal her commitment to city-building grounded in a sense of place.

Prior to working with us, Jodi served as project coordinator for Calgary’s 1st Street SW Underpass Enhancement project, which won a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2012. This project gave her great insight into the nuances of designing within the complex context of public infrastructure and private stakeholder investment. Jodi was also responsible for the conceptual, schematic, and design development documents for the 4th Street SW Underpass Enhancement. This project was another meaningful contribution to Calgary’s urban realm that balanced robust and serviceable design requirements with world-class public art.

As a DIALOGer, Jodi had a key role on our Glenbow Museum concept design team, and has taken a lead role on the master planning and visioning for the Indefinite Arts Centre project. Jodi continuously draws on her strong writing, speaking and graphic communication skills to work with stakeholders and her team.

Jodi is highly involved with the University of Calgary, where she recently completed a sixth appointment as a sessional instructor for the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.


  • Master of Architecture University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Science University of Calgary