Whose work are you most impressed by?
One of my favourite moments at DIALOG is when mechanical engineers start sketching architectural concepts, and architects talk about HVAC systems. Dan Prescott embodies this interdisciplinary ethos that can only happen in an integrated design firm. His work in developing early stage energy analysis tools that are user-friendly for architects to obtain very useful data to discuss with clients – even before the first massing concepts – is allowing us to design highly energy-efficient buildings much more effectively.
Do you have a passion project outside of work?
I have an ecosystem regeneration venture in Ecuador (my country of origin), which focuses on reversing the collateral damage of resource extraction in the Amazon rain forest.

Esteban was invited to present his Master's thesis project on urban sustainable energy systems to our team in 2013, and has been with us ever since. In this time, Esteban has worked on a variety of projects from official community plans, neighbourhood policy statements, and campus building architectural designs. 

Throughout his work, Esteban keeps an eye on the big picture. He seeks to fulfill our clients' visions while also addressing the complex, multidisciplinary, environmental, and social challenges unique to each city and region. 

Esteban is an advocate for designing more sustainable, enjoyable, and enduring buildings and environments. He works closely with colleagues in all of our studios to increase our capacity for high-performance design, data-driven analysis, and regenerative processes.  

Esteban believes that creating and maintaining solid client and team relationships is at the core of any successful project - and that hand-sketching still has a place in the design process, alongside 3D printing and VR. He thrives on collaboration and the power of sharing ideas to achieve the impossible.   

The unexpected variety and volume of creativity that we manifest in our work here inspires me every day.
Esteban Matheus


  • Master of Architecture University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Universidad San Francisco de Quito