What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
The design of the Supertall Zero Carbon Hybrid Timber Tower. This innovative paper project has great, big ambitions and demonstrates how we invest in our professional and intellectual capital rather than just waiting for opportunities to walk in the door.
What’s one skill (outside of work) that you’d like to learn?
I’ve taken on a few cabinetry/millwork projects around the house recently and hope to keep chipping away at the lifetime of learning and enjoyment that can be had in woodwork.
What's one 'pro tip' you live by?
“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

Dan is an architect with enthusiasm toward all aspects of his projects. He drills deep into the technical problems that are required to deliver high-performance buildings while finding imaginative solutions that concretize our clients’ vision and aspirations. Throughout Daniel’s experience as a project architect and manager, he has been instrumental in a variety of projects including cafes, complex mixed-use residential buildings, the interior/exterior renovation of office towers, and a sculptural pedestrian bridge, and has helped to develop our mixed-use/residential team.  With education in Philosophy, Architectural Building Science, and Architecture,  Dan is an ‘Architect’s Architect.’ His curiosity and rigour around what defines a great project is infectious. A creative thinker and calm leader, Dan welcomes constructive feedback and consistently challenges his studio to critically examine the work we produce. He is intent on improving our collective technical capabilities. Dan is an in-house Revit specialist and is developing Vancouver’s 3D printer operations to encourage wider use of this important design tool.  


  • Master of Architecture McGill University
  • Bachelor of Architectural Science British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • General Studies in Philosophy, Sociology & Theology Briercrest College