• Vancouver, BC
  • Oxford Properties
  • 1,850 sq m
  • 19,913 sq ft
  • Glasfurd & Walker
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
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The rehabilitation of portions of the McCarter and Nairne-designed Marine Building juxtaposes vintage flare with modern elegance, bridging the past with the future. The building is a unique and glamorous element of Vancouver's downtown cityscape. Its façade, with a sealife motif. and its elegant entrance are unparalleled in Vancouver. The lobby is an undeniable Art Deco masterpiece. To amplify its design, DIALOG was engaged by Oxford Properties to refurbish entrances, elevators, common areas, and the building’s marketable vacancies, including a JJ Bean café.

marine building jjbean cafe vancouver special feature 01

Special Feature

JJ Bean Café The building's ground level is occupied by a JJ Bean café
marine building jjbean cafe vancouver special feature 02

Special Feature01

True to JJ Bean's shape-shifting branding that mandates their café designs take cues from the community, the space is a tribute to Art Deco.
marine building jjbean cafe vancouver special feature 03

Special Feature02

Two elements highlight the era: a dapper floor-to-ceiling motif, and a ceiling installation that brings 2D geometrical design into 3D form.


2016 Award of Merit, Partial Office, IDIBC