• North Vancouver, BC
  • Quay Property Management Corp.
  • 9,290 sq m
  • 100,000 sq ft
  • BKL Consultants Ltd.
  • Bunt & Associates
  • Core Group Consultants
  • Darwin Construction
  • Evolution Building Science
  • Geopacific Consultants
  • HAPA Collaborative
  • PGL Environmental Consultants
  • WSP
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
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The Shipyards is a world-class mixed-use development on the North Vancouver waterfront. It boasts an unparalleled public realm that completes a series of interconnected plazas, transit routes, and recreational spaces. The site is named after the Wallace Shipyards, which date back to the first world war. A reimagined machine shop, known as “Shipyard Commons”, is the centerpiece of the design. This covered outdoor gathering space is a premier local and regional attraction that celebrates the character of the site and its spectacular location.

The Shipyards offers a public amenity that is distinctly North Vancouver, and promises to be a regional attraction for a new generation in this historic precinct.
Shane Oleksiuk, Project Architect
shipyards early site plan v2

It started with a sketch

Connecting the waterfront The Shipyards (originally, Lot 5) rounds out the North Vancouver waterfront and the redevelopment of the versatile waterfront precinct (rezoned by DIALOG). It brings much-needed animation to the site.
shipyards pedestrian flow diagram

The design story 01

Open access to many shared spaces

The Shipyards uses an open concept design that offers easy access to nearby amenities and services.

shipyards section drawing v2

The design story 02

Incorporating multiple user groups

The new Shipyards includes hotel (gold), commercial (pink), and community amenity (purple) spaces.

shipyards machine shop building

The design story 03

Monument to North Vancouver’s past

Development in the Lower Lonsdale area sprouted up around North Vancouver’s historic shipyards.

shipyards machine shop weeds

The design story 04

Framing the redevelopment

The original steel structure didn’t meet code requirements, but did provide design inspiration.

shipyards aerial rendering

The design story 05

An integral piece of the puzzle

Shipyards Commons, with its long red roof, fits in amongst all of the Lower Lonsdale redevelopments.

shipyards skating rink

The design story 06

Winter fun on the waterfront

Shipyards Commons will play host to a skating rink for much of the winter season. It will be one of two outdoor skating rinks in the Vancouver area, and is considerably larger than the other.

shipyards basketball court

The design story 07

An open space for the community

Community groups will be able to use Shipyards Commons for a whole host of activities and events.

shipyards pass through

The design story 08

A novel commercial space

Shipyards tenants include a hotel, restaurants, retail stores, and a university satellite campus.

shipyards gantry crane v2

The design story 09

Vestiges of the past everywhere

The site is right beside one of the original yellow gantry cranes from the Wallace Shipyards.

shipyards water park opening

The design story 10

Fun for the whole family

The kids’ water park, along with adult-friendly amenities, makes this an ideal family destination.


2021 Award of Excellence, Design Excellence, Architecture Foundation of British Columbia

2021 Excellence on the Waterfront - Top Honour Award, The Waterfront Center