• Edmonton, AB
  • City of Edmonton
  • 2,460 sq m
  • 26,479 sq ft
  • LEED® Gold certified
  • Acumen Cost Consulting
  • Al-Terra Engineering
  • Chandos Construction
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
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The Kennedale Eco Station transforms an underused brownfield site into a state-of-the-art recycled materials drop-off centre. As well as a functional building and operations yard, the site is a visually attractive destination. The design focused on strategic landscaping and incorporating low impact development (LID) strategies, promoting a sustainable use of the land that complements the function of the Eco Station. The project also integrates unique public art to capture the imaginations of all visitors.

kennedale eco station edmonton design dialog parti

It started with a sketch.

kennedale eco station edmonton design dialog site

Point of Interest 01

Patron traffic was carefully designed to maximize flow and minimize confusion. The placement of buildings provides efficiencies for the visitors as well as the operations of the eco station.

kennedale eco station DD sketch dialog

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Building materials and design options were chosen to complement neighbouring buildings in the industrial area.

kennedale eco station edmonton design dialog mechanical

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The geothermal system, which uses heat pumps, is approximately 1.5 times more efficient in cooling compared to conventional rooftop units. Because the mean ground temperature stays consistent year-round, a ground heat transfer loop is installed to withdraw or reject energy back to the ground depending on the season. Rooms needing heating can use the rejected energy from rooms requiring cooling, with high efficiency condensing boilers in place to supplement the system during peak heating times.

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Point of Interest 04

Approximately 25% of the site drains directly to an on-site storm sewer through roof drains and catch basins. The remaining 75% of the site contains no underground storm sewer system. Instead, runoff is directed to a low-gradient, vegetated channel and into a naturalized stormwater wetland along the east boundary of the site. With emphasis on stormwater conveyance and treatment, the overall site permeability was increased to approximately 35% from its previously estimated 5%.


2018 Green Building Excellence Award – New Construction (Commercial), CaGBC National Awards

2017 Excellence in Green Building – New Construction, CaGBC Alberta Chapter