• Edmonton, AB
  • AIMCo, Epic Investments, Cushman & Wakefield
  • 32,516 sq m
  • 350,000 sq ft
  • Targeting LEED® Gold certification
  • WELL™ Certified Gold
  • WIREDSCORE Platinum
  • ISL Engineering
  • RJC Engineers
  • Smith + Andersen
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
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HSBC Place was redesigned from the inside out to be a prominent, distinctive AA class office tower in Downtown Edmonton. This building renewal is much more than meets the eye. It was stripped down to its structure to have new building systems integrated with a high performance envelope, and the podium and streetscape were transformed to better engage with the lively downtown corner. Sixteen storeys of commercial office space sit atop a refreshed and inviting 2-storey podium. It’s good for the neighbourhood and occupants as well--the building's sustainability credits include targeting LEED® Gold v4 and certified WIREDSCORE Platinum, and WELL Gold v1.

HSBC Place Edmonton design dialog structure

Design 01

The existing building was stripped down to its structure, then new building systems were integrated including engineering systems and a high performance building envelope. This is a very eco-friendly solution for building renewals since carbon remains embodied within the concrete structure, but the rest of the building still gets a modern upgrade.

HSBC Place Urban Realm Before After

Design 02

The previous podium design created unwelcoming corners, bad sight lines, and didn't engage with the surrounding community. Edmonton's downtown has been through significant revitalization and HSBC Place is right in the heart of it. The building needed an engaging podium to reflect the changing energy of the community.

HSBC Place design edmonton dialog exterior corner dawn

Design 03

The new podium and landscape architecture design activates the corner and makes it a more welcoming, safe space for pedestrians.

HSBC Place design edmonton dialog lobby interior5

Design 04

On Target

Targeting LEED® Gold v4 along with its WIREDSCORE Platinum and WELL Gold v1 Certification, means HSBC Place is setting a new benchmark for commercial office space in Edmonton. Health and wellness of the building occupants are optimized, along with sustainable building systems that are good for the environment too.