• Toronto, ON
  • 2,973 sq m
  • 32,000 sq ft
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Planning & Urban Design
  • Structural Engineering
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Our Toronto studio is a testament to form following function, designing our space for how we like to work. Located in the iconic CBC Broadcast Centre, the former production studio’s soaring ceilings and vast floor area offered unimpeded opportunities to our design team. The new studio accommodates both collaborative and private work, providing DIALOGers with a space that enables creativity and innovation. These diverse spaces are categorized under five distinct zones: meet, well, make, share, and work, each tailored to optimize our team’s potential and wellbeing.

The new studio makes our culture tangible. It’s a space that speaks volumes about who we are.
Tracy Lee
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It started with a sketch

dialog toronto studio TOFU render Page 06 highresrgb

Zones 01


Including an area to host events was important to support our community initiatives.

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Zones 02


Dedicating a space for DIALOGers to build relationships with each other was equally important.

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Zones 03


The kitchen provides ample seating and table space, along with pin-up walls and ad hoc sketch rolls.

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Zones 04


Flexible horizontal and vertical surfaces to showcase our work were incorporated throughout the studio.

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Zones 05


Open work spaces, private break-out rooms, lounges, dedicated work stations, and hoteling stations provide ample options to suit individuals' needs.

dialog toronto studio on air cbc detail

Homage to CBC01

Small details throughout the studio pay homage to the building's broadcasting history.