• Calgary, AB
  • Shape Properties Corp.
  • 120,370 sq m
  • 1,295,651 sq ft
  • Ledcor
  • Tak Chan Architecture
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
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Situated in one of Calgary’s fastest-growing areas, this master-planned, regional urban centre features a pedestrian-friendly network of outdoor streets and plazas. Deerfoot City includes a diverse array of shops and restaurants in a unique streetscape setting. Designed to create natural social zones and infused with vibrancy, the project offers a totally unique shopping experience in northeast Calgary. The design creates a new social experience enjoyable in all weather with outdoor streets and plazas interspersed between indoor comforts. The new space is an outdoor network of streets, shops and restaurants situated around a pond.

Destination: Deerfoot City - Flythrough

A master-planned retail destination with shops, restaurants and entertainment positioned for an infusion of vibrancy, creating natural social zones that will bring people together all year long.

The unique open-air streetscape features stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. With unparalleled access from Alberta’s busiest highway, the regional lifestyle centre is unlike anything Calgary has seen.