• North Vancouver, BC
  • Capilano University
  • 1,008 sq m
  • 10,850 sq ft
  • Coastal Integrated Solutions
  • Turner Construction
  • WSP
DIALOG Services
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Capilano University wanted to create something special with its new urban campus, known as CapU Lonsdale. The space had to support a progressive learning environment; be flexible and multi-functional; and be accessible to and a part of the local community. It also had to create its own unique identity while still connecting back to the main campus. A discovery and analysis process gave rise to a novel concept that would bridge the two locations: if the Lonsdale campus wasn’t going to be in the forest, why not bring the forest into the space? The Interior Design team chose to do that by exploring the metaphorical connection and experiences between a journey through education and an adventure in the nearby forest.

CapU Lonsdale Presentation After Plan Final

The design story 01

The CapU Lonsdale floorplan shows how the space illustrates the concept of a journey through the forest.


2021 VODA - Merit, Innovation in Institutional/Educational/Civic Design, Interior Designers of Canada