• Calgary, AB
  • Alberta Health Services
Anticipated Completion
  • 109,369 sq m
  • 1,177,238 sq ft
  • Targeting LEED® Gold certification
  • PCL Construction Management Inc. 
  • Smith + Andersen
  • Stantec
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Planning & Urban Design
  • Structural Engineering
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The new Calgary Cancer Centre will centralize treatment and care for cancer patients in southern Alberta. Symbolizing the type of care a patient can expect to receive, the design features two curving L-shaped forms that come together in an embrace surrounding an all-season garden as the “heart,” providing year-round access and views to nature for patients and their families. DIALOG, in collaboration with Stantec, is responsible for the architectural and interior design as well as structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. DIALOG is also providing landscape architecture, planning and urban design.

Hospitals are traditionally designed to access oriented to the interior, which makes wayfinding difficult. Designing from the outside in, light can elegantly penetrate common areas, which is central to health and healing.
DIALOG-Stantec Healthcare Team
Sketch 1

How we got here

It started with a sketch Two L-shaped structures embrace an inner courtyard, like a healing embrace.
Sketch 2

Design Process 01

The concept is expanded

What if a building could give a hug? This concept is refined through a rendering showing the building on the site from above.

Sketch 3

Design Process 02

The sketch takes on more detail

The building takes shape around the central courtyard.

Model overhead

Design Process 03

The sketch becomes a model

The design idea comes to life in 3D.

calgary cancer centre early construction

Design Process 04

Construction begins

The project broke ground in 2017.

Designing for hope: The Calgary Cancer Centre

Take a virtual tour of the new Calgary Cancer Centre.

calgary cancer centre exterior evening


2018 Design and Engineering Award, CanBIM