• Edmonton, AB
  • City of Edmonton
  • 212 sq m
  • 2,282 sq ft
  • Acumen Cost Consulting
  • Golder Associates
  • K-Rite Construction
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
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The new Belvedere Transit Centre replaces its 35-year old predecessor with a sleek new design that takes its cue from the roofline of the neighbouring LRT building. Glass walls and multiple exits improve safety for transit users with views and paths in and out. The interior features an exposed roof structure with warm wood tones that soften the experience. Public art brightens the space with tropical sculptures that celebrate the diversity of the community. The new centre is a safe, comfortable space to wait for the bus that is bright with daylight and community voices.

belvedere transit centre design landscape plan

Point of Interest 01

Making sure there was plenty of greenery and landscaping was an early priority and informed future design decisions.

belvedere transit centre design rendering

Point of Interest 02

Early designs also planned for exposed wood materials with a warm tone to soften the experience of the traveler. The exposed wood will also work to diminish loud, echoed noises.

belvedere transit centre design interior3

Point of Interest 03

Public art makes this space even more inviting. Local artist Michelle Campos Castillo crafted this "Plantanos" piece to evoke the diversity of the Belvedere community. Arranged to mimic natural growth on trees, these plantains perk up travelers on cold winter days. The bright green colour is designed to pop against the natural wood material and the daylight.

belvedere transit centre design geometry

Point of Interest 04

Inspiration was drawn from the neighbouring LRT structure that occupies the same site. The design is in harmony with nearby buildings, while pushing the envelope with a modern aesthetic. The result is a comprehensive transit destination that suits the community it serves.