• Vancouver, BC
  • GWL Realty Advisors
  • 565 sq m
  • 6,080 sq ft
  • Applied Engineering Solutions
  • Glasfurd & Walker
  • Green Over Grey
  • Ledcor
  • RJC Engineers
DIALOG Services
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
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DIALOG was tasked with repositioning a 1980s-era building, turning it into a contemporary space worthy of Vancouver’s business district and a solid asset for the client. The revitalized space is bold and simple. An elegant white metal ribbon moves from the exterior plaza through the main entrance and hugs the atrium glazing, while black and white design elements stand in strong contrast to existing concrete structures. An art installation and water feature were removed to make the space cleaner. New end-of-trip facilities provide a bright and highly visible path to bike storage, change facilities, and locker rooms.

840 howe rendering 1 v2

It started with a sketch

More than one idea The original concept sketch for 840 Howe lobby renovation alludes to the final design, but the concept went much further than this...
840 howe entryway before

The design story 01

An edifice stuck in time

The entryway for 840 Howe (formerly Robson Court) was dated, and showed the age of the building.

840 howe rendering 1

The design story 02

A stark difference from the outset

Early drawings of the newly envisioned renamed and rebranded 840 Howe were vastly different.

840 howe lobby before

The design story 03

Dated, on the inside and outside

The building lobby was also dated, with pink marble, a bamboo art installation, and water feature.

840 howe lobby before 2

The design story 04

A bamboo forest and signboard

The previous lobby included a number of disparate elements that made it appear cluttered and dated.

840 howe concierge before

The design story 05

Uninspired concierge desk

The original concierge desk was dated and uninspired; the new desk ties in to the new colour scheme.

840 howe rendering 2

The design story 06

Tying inside and outside together

This sketch shows the initial concept for carrying the ribbon from the exterior to the interior.

840 howe parkade before v2

The design story 07

Functional but drab parking

The parking garage was decidedly drab before it was converted into an end-of-trip facility.