What's your favourite DIALOG initiative?
Sweating the details has always been one of my favourite initiatives. It’s a fantastic platform for Dialogers to share their knowledge and skill sets. The sessions are both presentation and discussion style, welcoming all to participate. The information sharing sessions are great way to keep informed and learn from peers.
Where do you find inspiration?
Fashion, nature, music, people…depending on how you look at and interact with what is around you, anything can become inspirational.
What’s in your office snack drawer?
White chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate…you can never have enough chocolate!
Where's your happy place?
Spending time with family. Whether it be travelling, camping, spending time outdoors, or at home relaxing and playing games, as long as I am with family I am happy!

Erin has been a valuable member of our team since 2014, contributing to projects across institutional, public, and private development sectors. Her enthusiasm for design and coordination enables her to work effectively with client groups and multi-disciplinary teams. Erin has a natural talent for bringing design clarity and creativity to all stages of a project.

Erin possesses a strong knowledge base in the requirements of 21st-century learning centres. She has undertaken over ten new and revitalization projects for post-secondary and municipal library clients. She plays a significant role in conceptual design, project management, project documentation, and construction administration. Erin’s work in the commercial sector focuses on the role of design in the repositioning of property assets, strengthening operational proformas, while also enhancing urban environments.

Leveraging her previous experience as an industrial and graphic designer, Erin applies her understanding of micro design and fabrication to the broader scale of architecture. Her training in these fields contributes to her meticulousness, conceptual thinking, and elegant, functional solutions. Erin is a firm believer that inspiration is everywhere: it’s merely a matter of how you look and interact with what is around you.

Architecture is a setting for numerous narratives to take place, so having the opportunity to create and shape environments for people to inhabit is both exciting and inspiring.
Erin Chartrand


  • Master of Architecture University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Design University of Alberta