What gets you excited to start your day?
The potential of meeting untapped opportunity.
What could turn any bad day into a good day?
Seeing my daughter. No matter kind of mood I'm in, I see her and everything melts away.
What’s your favourite mode of transportation?
In a city? Subway. You meet the world. Above ground, it's a bicycle. You can experience life at a slow enough pace and stop anywhere to engage in it.
Where's your happy place?
With my camera, in any country that has a deep cultural inheritance I've not yet experienced.

Anthony joined DIALOG in 2021, building on nearly 30 years as a practicing architect. With a reputation for looking beyond prevailing norms to focus instead on what’s possible, Anthony's approach to design is without constraints.

With interest and experience spanning across typologies and geographies, Anthony's body of work reflects his innate curiosity, and has been widely recognized, exhibited and published, garnering more than 50 international design awards. Included among these notable projects is the U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters in Maryland, Hong Kong International Airport - Terminal Two, New York City Police Academy, and the Kuwait University College of Education, which earned an award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival. 

Before joining our practice, Anthony served as National Design Director and Board of Directors Member at a global design firm, based in Toronto. Prior to that, he founded and ran his own design firm, was a Principal and Design Director, and an Associate Partner and Lead Designer for two global practices, all while based in New York City. In these roles, Anthony built a reputation for thought leadership, authoring many of each practice's most innovative commissions.

Extending beyond his architecture practice, Anthony is also a published author and photographer, using his camera as a tool for exploring the inherent richness and diversity of the world’s people and places. Anthony serves as a regular critic in support of design education at Yale University, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and at the Parsons School of Design in New York. 

At his core, Anthony is a perpetual student, pursuing a lifelong passion for learning, exploring, creating and sharing. He has an enduring respect for the world’s past and present polymaths, and believes that polymathy alone is the means by which humankind can continue to evolve, and flourish.

My ethos is one of deep curiosity, exercised consistently, while resisting conclusions that could slow down the process of open-ended inquiry and discovery. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to resist the draw to reach conclusions, to keep alive the childlike curiosity with which we all start out.
Anthony Fieldman


  • Bachelor of Architecture Rhode Island School of Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Rhode Island School of Design
  • Diploma Studio Art Centers International, Florence